Who we are

FRIALTEC is a technology-driven company whose purpose is:

  • To compile proprietary knowledge through research and development.
  • To bring to market innovative food products and new nutritional strategies based on the latest scientific advances in the Life and Food Sciences.

Our goal is to bring bioactive ingredients having specific health benefits into the food sector in the form of functional foods, nutritional supplements, and precision dietetic strategies for healthy eating which will not only help keep you healthy but will actively improve health and can further be used as a therapeutic tool targeting chronic illnesses.

Applying the slogan of the European Union’s framework programme for research, development, and innovation, the Horizon 2020, FRIALTEC takes products “from lab to market”, thereby helping to create value for industry and contributing to consumers’ wellbeing.


Our Foundations

FRIALTEC’s underpinnings are rooted in scientific evidence, and its purpose is to put scientific and technical advances relating to food science and health into practice. We focus on advances in such fields as molecular biology, microbiology, and the omics sciences, which have given rise to a broad range of technologies and innovations.

Our strategic goal is to consolidate these advances in such fields as nutrigenomics, cosmeceutics, functional foods, nutritional supplements, and nutritional strategies for the prevention and amelioration of chronic diseases.

FRIALTEC is a groundbreaking Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) that has secured a European patent for the VIDALIM® formulation in the food sector.

FRIALTEC is also a pioneer in the publication of scientific articles in indexed journals and in carrying out clinical trials in both children and adults.