Our Research

The grant of the VIDALIM® patent serves as recognition for the research and development efforts we have carried out in association with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) for ten years.

  • In 2002, in our ongoing quest for advances, and convinced of the importance of the association between business and universities, we entered into a cooperative agreement with the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • In 2011 the European Patent Office granted us a European patent for the VIDALIM® formulation for the development, in the first place, of functional meat products, with further scope for applying the formulation to other foodstuffs and other business sectors such as nutritional supplements and cosmetics: a true innovation in functional foods.

The patented VIDALIM® formulation affords important health benefits by boosting antioxidant activity and balancing the fatty acid profile.

Omega-6/omega-3 ratio
VIDALIM®-containing products help offset current imbalances in the consumption of omega-6 essential fatty acids and omega-3 essential fatty acids in today’s diet – on the order of 20/1 – which experts recommend bringing down to less than 4/1 [Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 52 (2008) 1153-1161].

Antioxidant activity.
The antioxidant activity of VIDALIM®-containing products is similar to that of natural fruit juices. These products thus help supply to the diet the amounts of antioxidants needed for proper nutrition [Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 52 (2008) 1153-1161].

Processing stability.
Oxidation in VIDALIM®-containing products is less than that in grilled fish [Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 52 (2008) 1153-1161].


The benefits of VIDALIM®

Following this decade of work by a team of 11 researchers led by Professor Guillermo Reglero, UAM Chair and Scientist with the UAM-CSIC Food Science Research Institute (CIAL), and after two clinical trials in humans carried out in association with the Hospital Universitario de la Paz in Madrid, all the benefits afforded by this multinational VIDALIM® patent are now available to consumers.

Under European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guidelines, VIDALIM®-containing products are suitable for general health maintenance, because:

  • Their high omega-3 content and their content in highly active natural antioxidants like rosemary extract help in the long-term prevention of cardiovascular risk factors and other inflammatory disorders.
  • They contribute to normal brain
  • They help maintain eyesight under normal conditions.
  • They help maintain and increase muscle mass.
  • They boost bone maintenance under normal conditions.